F-R-L Units

All our FRL units are high quality as regards the materials and technology used, each individual item is 100% tested before delivery. We offer two series of FRL units: the AirTech metal series (piston), and the AirJet plastic series (membrane). Our filters are fitted as standard with 20 micron sintered bronze filter cartridges, however different degrees of filtration can be supplied upon request. Our lubricators feature top oil feed, have a system that guarantees lubrication even at low pressure and micrometric adjustment of lubrication visible from all angles.



These robust and highly reliable air treatment units are made as standard from metal with protective metal casing, featuring a piston regulator and long-lasting performance. A complete range is available, in 1/8 - ¼  - 3/8 - ½ -3/4 - 1” sizes. The entire production process is carefully handled in our factory, and each individual product is tested to verify correct operation. This series also includes drier, three-way valve and pilot-controlled regulator.



These air treatment units are made as standard from technopolymer, and are more compact than the corresponding AirTech series for uses in more restricted spaces, featuring membrane regulators that are much more sensitive and precise than the piston version. This series is only available in the 1/8 -1/4 sizes. These units are ideal for uses in applications where metal components need to be avoided, for example the food industry or for dentistry. Products are available in this range for use with water.


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