F.lli GHIOTTO has always been a close supporter of sport, sponsoring several clubs and sharing the same competitive and winning spirit

Promotor Sport

Promotor Sport is a relatively young yet highly effective racing team. Passionate professionals with extensive experience and leading drivers are the team’s fundamental ingredients. Competing in the ETCS, ITCC and Driver Trophy championships, Promotor Sport has already achieved excellent results and increasingly confirmed its place as a credible and effective partner for the numerous sponsors that support the team race after race. (http://www.promotor-sport.com)

Volley Castellana

Cooperation and a good strategy are the main features of a winning team: the players at Volley Castellana are proof that determination professionalism account for 80% of success! Volley Castellana are 2011 Veneto champions and 2011 Triveneto champions (http://www.volleycastellana.it)


The horse is the sublime expression of elegance, power and sensitivity; horse and rider have a unique bond and together can create a winning team. Show jumping is a discipline that requires long and careful training of the horse, to ensure maximum safety for horse and rider. Horse riding is a sport that offers priceless sensations!

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